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How EMI Calculator works or Calculate EMI
Our EMI calculator is easy to use and quick to perform. Use our EMI calculator as a guide before applying for any kind of loan.

What is an EMI Calculator?
EMI calculator let's you judge how affordable a loan can be for you. Always use the calculator to get a quick quote on your EMIs. You can calculate Home Loan EMI, Personal Loan EMI, Car Loan EMI, Education Loan EMI, Loan Against Property EMI with the EMI calculator. If the quote is satisfactory, you can apply accordingly. Follow the below given steps:

  • Enter the loan amount you wish to avail in the EMI calculator.
  • Enter the loan tenure (months).
  • And the rate of interest (reducing).
  • Press "calculate".
  • Our EMI calculator will tell you just how much your EMI amount comes to.

Along with your EMI you also get:

  • total amount with interest.
  • flat interest rate PA/PM.
  • total interest amount.
  • yearly interest amount.

If you think the EMI is a bit more than you can afford, you can always re-calculate. This time enter either less loan amount or longer loan tenure in the calculator. You can also continue to re-calculate until our calculator gives you an EMI that you are satisfied with.

Also, remember to compare quotes from different banks. You can do this by entering the loan amount and the rate of interest with the loan tenure of, say bank "A". See how much it amounts to. Then do the same again of bank "B". Whichever suits your needs and fits your wants, apply

In today’s scenario, banks are coming your way with bouquet of offer for your loan requirements. To have the finest deal from these banks, one should ponder to following points before cracking a deal. Don’t be corrupted by paying high EMIs at low rate of interest